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Sam Williamson,Middle School Co-Director and Humanities Teacher. Sam is an experienced national and international teacher, throughout his career his effort and talents have been recognised both in the classroom and as an administrator.  He gained his BA and PGCE at Newcastle University, UK, before joining the Humanities department at St Burins School, Oxford, where he was subject leader for Philosophy and a pastoral leader as Head of Year.  Sam has since developed his expertise through international teaching and administration in both Vietnam (Vietnam Australia International School, Cambridge School, Head of Department) and in China (Malvern College Chengdu, Cambridge School, and Tsinglan School, American Curriculum as Head of Upper School and Head of Humanities). His high standards and expectations have helped drive student growth, staff development and departmental success towards achieving school-wide objectives. As an educator, his ethos is to empower students and teachers alike by providing high quality, personalised feedback that allows people to reflect on their work and take the next steps to success. His passion for developing enquiring, international minds within a context of strong pastoral support have been recognised through a successful career which he hopes to continue building at Tsinglan School.


Director of Studies and Humanities Teacher: Li Meng. An alumna of Tsinghua University High School, Ms. Li then graduatedfrom Yale University (B.A.), Middlebury College (M.A.), and Columbia University (M.Ed). She has served as a member of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL, 2013-present), and a member of the New York State Association of Independent Schools (NYSAIS, 2016-present). Prior to joiningTsinglan School, Ms. Li has worked as the Upper School Assembly Coordinator, Admissions Interviewer, Development Fellow, and Accreditation Chair atRiverdale Country School in New York City. She has also worked as the Program Dean for the Oxbridge Academic Programs at the University of St. Andrews, Scotland.


Nic Iliffe, Humanities teacher, graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in History and International Politics from the University of South Africa. Thereafter he completed his Post Graduate Certificate in Education, with a focus on History and Business Studies. He took up an ESL teaching position in Daegu, South Korea and in Shanghai, China at Disney English. He later held the position of Academic Director and then as Regional Academic Director which allowed him to travel and work extensively around the country. He worked as the Deputy Principal at Crawford College North Coast where his responsibilities includes the Head of Academics, Sport and Pastoral care. In addition to his management responsibilities he also taught Business Studies, History and English. 


Carl Klopper, English and Humanities teacher, graduated from Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University with bachelor degree in Business Management and law as well as a post graduate qualification in education from University of South Africa. Carl is a passionate teacher who strives to use western learning methods to encourage critical thinking and innovative students. Having taught in South Korea, China and South Africa to a variety of levels he has gained valuable experiences that he incorporates into his teaching philosophy. He strives to help students grow and develop their intellectual capabilities. He believes all students have the ability to be innovative and creative. He wants students to take initiative in their learning and to incorporate ethics.


Yajing Huang, Humanities teacher. Ms. Huang graduated from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem in Israel with a master's degree in Islamic and Middle Eastern studies, and from the Renmin University of China with a bacholer's degree in international politics and journalism. She also did a half-year exchange program at the University of St. Andrews in Scotland studying international relations. Ms. Huang is fluent in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English, as well as proficient in modern Hebrew, conversational Korean, and literary Arabic (especially Arabic that's related to politics). She enjoys Ping Pong, hiking, cycling, meeting people from diverse backgrounds, and all kinds of stories. She also has the skills in conducting interviews, filming, and film-editing.

Xusheng Zhang, a school counselor, SEL (social emotion learning) program leader, is one of the founding members of the Tsinglan School. She graduated from the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences with a major in applied psychology. She has received systematic and professional training in the field of psychological counseling, including psychoanalysis, humanism, behaviorism, group counseling and crisis intervention. She is the lecture in Senior Psychological Counselor of Beijing United Family Hospital, Beijing Education College Primary and Secondary School Mental Health Teacher Psychological Counseling Technology Enhancement Training Instructor, lecturing on "Consultation Technology in Action Phase" and "Crisis Intervention". Her main areas of counseling include scientific parenting, personality issues, adolescent growth, marital relationships, family relationships, environmental adaptation, potential development, stress management, emotional management, team management, and interpersonal relationships. In 2008, as a special expert of the Institute of Psychology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, she went to Wenchuan to carry out psychological crisis intervention, and won the title of Advanced Worker of the Second Psychologists Conference, and spoke as a representative in the Great Hall of the People.


Julia Hu, Humanities intern teacher, graduated from Southwest University with a Bachelor degree in history teaching, and from Southwest University with a Master degree in subject history teaching. She has six years' experience in history teaching in senior high schools and she won the first-class completion in Yunnan Province. Her thesis has won the first-class prize in Yunnan Province many times, and her class demonstration has won the first-class and second-class prizes in Yunnan Province and Municipality many times. She pays attention to pedagogy and psychology, students' diversified development, and focuses on building efficient classroom.


Wendy Su, Humanities and English intern teacher, she has been studying in Canada since high school and graduated from UBC (University of British Columbia) this year with major at Sociology and minor at Education (English learning and teaching). During the past four years, she has received outstanding international scholarship twice, and have been employed by UBC Asian department as a teacher Assistance since 2017 September. She also obtained a TESOL certificate and have lots of teaching experiences in both Canada and China. At present, she realized that both the complexity of education and complexity of human individuals have made the comprehensive application of diverse educational approach necessary. As for her teaching philosophy, she believes that education is not filling a bucket, but lighting a fire. Helping students to learn is more beneficial than just giving them knowledge.


Hang Guo, Humanities teacher, graduated from Tsinghua University with a master degree in Law, and from the University of Jilin with a Bachelor degree in history and Chinese Language & Literature. He has been awarded the National scholarship and the National Innovation Project. He has worked in Venture Capital, focusing on education and Artificial Intelligence, with proficient work experience in economic, financial and investment.

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