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Music, Arts & Physical Education Department


Laurence Curtis, PE Lead teacher.Mr. Curtis graduated from the  University of Brighton in the U.K. majoring in sports and coaching. He  has worked at the St Andrew’s Catholic Kindergarten in Eastbourne,and  at Taunton School in Somerset, southwest England. He Likes sports and traveling, and has volunteered for Football 4 Peace in Ireland, Israel, Zambia and South Korea. He likes to play handball, football, and golf in his free time.


Stuart Gribben, the PE teacher. He graduated with a Sports Coaching Degree in University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. He has been teaching in South Korea, Thailand, Dubai, Bangalore, India, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia. In the summer of 2018 he is heading to Uganda to do some volunteering football coaching with a football academy in the north. In his spare time, he is a regular swimmer, runner and keen cyclist, which brings him to triathlons. In 2017 he completed his first international triathlon which was the Bahrain Iroman.


Sheeran Malachy, PE teacher with a BSc in Sports and Exercise Science from University of Limerick and is currently completing his PGCE qualification. He has a passion for sports and exercise and instilling a lifelong love for sports and physical activity in Children and young people. He has taught in many countries in including United Arab Emirates, Ireland and Thailand. Before becoming a PE teacher, he taught as an EFL teacher for many years. As a PE teacher he feels in a privileged position to help students realize their potential as global citizens and develop their motor abilities, social skills and leadership skills through physical activity and sport. He really enjoys adventure sports and competing in endurance sports, such as Triathlons, running, swimming and cycling.


Chloe Xie, PE teacher and Tennis coach, Canadian Chinese, graduated from Beijing Sports University with major in sports education. She has more than 15 years of tennis teaching experience. During her teaching in China, she was invited by the Chinese tennis association as an assistant tutor for ITF level 1 coach course. She used to be a professional player in TianJin tennis center and attended national youth team.Being a professional tennis coach in Canada from 2012 to 2018, she served as the head coach of the High Performance program at Timberlane Athletic club for 3 years, the High Performance coach of North York Tennis Academy for half a year and High Performance coach at Marilyn Redvers Tennis Center for two years. And coached at Ontario junior regrouping team.


Nebojša, PE teacher. He is a Licensed FIBA coach, ex basketball player from Serbia, graduate at University of Belgrade Faculty of Sport and Physical Education major in Sports.  Coached Serbian star Nemanja Dangubic who plays for Spanish club Estudiantes and Serbia National Team. Well-experienced in sport industry more than 10 years, both coaching and educating in Serbia, Russia and China. Experienced as a head coach, leading school’s basketball programs for Western Academy of Beijing, British School of Beijing. As well as coaching students, kids, and professional players at various summer/winter camps. Passionate about education in sport area.


June Li, vice-principal in charge of the market, enrollment and boarding, coming from THHS. After graduated from Chongqing University for her master degree, she worked at the National Key Middle School for 18 years. She has been the provincial excellent teacher, academics leader and one of the Top Ten Young Teachers. She has been awarded the national special prize for his model lesson, hosted and taken part in many projects at national level. Several articles of hers have been published on national publications. Besides, she is also a textbook evaluation expert of Ministry of Education. She has served for a long time as an expert of national training, examinant of teacher-recruitment and certification, and evaluation expert of senior title in the middle schools. With love for students and education, she is devoting herself to create the most suitable education for students.


Chris Yan, PE teacher, graduated from Beijing Sports University (B.A. & M.A.) majoring in volleyball. He also enjoys basketball and fitness. In addition, Yan plays Guzheng (the Chinese zither) and received a Guzheng 9th level certificate. His life motto is: Do your best!


Hongbo Liu, PE teacher. Mr. Liu graduated from Hunan University of Science and Technology and outdoor Beijing Sports University majoring in badminton. He also enjoys sports such as basketball, swimming, table tennis, and running. In addition, he enjoys reading about history, geography, and social science, traveling, American TV shows, music, and movies.


Qizhong Wang, PE teacher. Mr. Wang graduated from Beijing Sports University majoring in martial arts. He once was the runner-up of the 75kg free combat, the champion of martial arts repertoire, the champion of youth martial art championship, and the champion of martial art at the 2nd sports games at Bayannur in Inner Mongolia. He is warm, outgoing, energetic, and sincere. He likes cycling, travelling, listening to music, horseback riding, and archery.


James Han, PE teacher and Tennis coach. He graduated from the University of California, San Diego, Bachelor of Psychology, The University of Hong Kong, Master of Education. Native American English pronunciation. Train professionally in tennis since the age of 10. Represented the university varsity team, awarded two years for Scholar Athlete. ITA Series singles championship, USTA Series doubles runner-up. Professional Tennis Registry (PTR) coaching certificated. High level of understanding on educational psychology and pedagogy. 


Steve Min, PE intern teacher, gained his Bachelor's and Master's Degree in Yangtze University and Beijing Sports University, respectively. As a PE teacher, he’s good at tennis, football, volleyball, bicycle, bodybuilding and other sports. Teenagers are like sunflowers to bloom, and he would like to be a farmer to help them grow.


Jason Lu, PE intern teacher, graduated from the Sports and Physical Education Institute of Beijing Sport University, with a major in table tennis. He has been an exchange student at University of California Berkeley during the study. He is a National level of athletes in table tennis and the national second-class table tennis referee. He has won the Zhejiang Championship singles championship many times, and the Chinese table tennis club B-League group ranked eighth. He is firmly believed that sports is indispensable for the shaping of complete personality. Cooperation with people, problem-solving, innovative thinking, pursuit of excellence and team spirit are the unique values of sports in cultivating talents. In the process of education, he pay attention to individual cultivation and respect every student. He inspires to cultivate complete personality through sports. He likes playing basketball, volleyball and fitness. And has a certain involvement in video editing, image editing and data analysis.


Xiaodong Yu, PE intern teacher. He graduated from the School of Education of Beijing Sport University , majoring in physical education and special basketball. During the school period, I worked as an external basketball teacher in Beijing 156 Middle School, Beijing No. 8 Middle School, Beichang Street Primary School, Shuncheng Street Primary School and Jinhai River Peasant Workers' Children School. The university intern in the experimental primary school of Niulanshan Middle School in Beijing, and trained a wealth of educational and teaching experience. In education and teaching, He thinks teachers should be friends with students, love students, promote and grow together with students. He personally like all kinds of sports, especially basketball, usually like to watch movies, listen to music and visit ancient buildings.


Frank Liu, Calligraphy teacher. Mr. Liu is a Tsinghua High School integration teacher. He graduated from the Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. He comes from a calligraphers’ family, and started learning calligraphy since childhood. When he studied in Beijing, his teacher was Zhao Shufan, calligrapher, painter, and professor at Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications. Mr. Liu’s calligraphy expertise is in the regular script of Ou Yangxun, Wang Xizhi, Wang Xianzhi, Zhao Mengfu, and Yan Zhenqing. He has a profound Chinese cultural foundation, and is a member of the Beijing Institute of Education Calligraphy Education Association. 


John Zhang, Art teacher. He earned a BFA and MFA respectively from Central Academy of Fine Arts. During his studying at Academy, Zhang received several awards at Academy teaching show. In 2017, he participated in the national exhibition of fine arts and printmaking. He is extremely responsible and hard working. An independent thinker and problem solver, he is also capable of communicating, coordinating, and team-working. Flexibility and consistency are his motto. He loves art, swimming and reading.


Amy Shen, Art teacher, received Bachelor Degree and Master degree in China Art Studies from Harbin Normall University Her Art works was demonstrated at China Qingzhou Culture Festival. She focuses on traditional national culture in her teaching while integrating multi-culture characters. She hopes her kids can find art everywhere and find limitless fun from art.


Amber Zhao,Art teacher, after graduating from the printmaking major of the CAFA (Beijing's Central Academy of Fine Arts), she joined the Tsinghua University High School-Shangdi Campus as a Art teacher. Her teaching focuses on helping students to explore their right brain wisdom and to establish the habit of artistic thinking using the the age-appropriate, adaptable and pluralistic art form. Her teaching aims at inspiring the students to develop their desire to become creative, to keep curiosity and to develop the exploration ability. Liberating students' creativity is not only her greatest goal but also the driving force of her daily work.


Astella Peng, art intern teacher. She studied fashion design for Bachelor Degree in the Academy of Arts & Design, Tsinghua University. Then she continues to pursue fashion design in Drexel University, Philadelphia for her Master of Science degree. After graduation she interned in Anna Sui for 3 months in New York. Though her major is fashion but she loves different kinds of art. In University she chooses wood block painting, sculpture, acrylic painting, pencil sketch, glasswork, metalwork, lacquer art for my elective courses. During free time she loves drawing illustrations. She dreamed to publish her children’s illustrations.


Yilang Hanzhou, art intern teacher, a member of the Heilongjiang Artists Association. Graduated from Harbin Normal University with Undergraduate degree in arts education and Chinese Painting art for his master. His works have showed at many domestic art exhibitions, including those organized by official art associations and invitational exhibitions of various enterprises. In his view, Chinese culture has unique aesthetic characteristics. He hopes to open the children's interest in Chinese art and culture through the teaching of the school and integrate Western contemporary art concepts and contemporary culture to form a unique aesthetic concept for each child. He has wide range of interests like painting, literature and natural history. He targets aesthetic education, the important part of modern education as his motivation for teaching.


Elaine Du,Traditional music teacher.Ms. Du is a teacher at Tsinghua Univeristy Middle School. At the age of 4, she was elected to join the CCTV Art Ensemble to study music, and then studied for her Master’s degree in Fine Arts at the Renmin University of China majoring in folk music, music directing, and choreography. She won first place for Jazz Group in College Hip-pop Dancing Challenges three times in a row. After studying international music in the International Communication Institution of Korea at Silla University, South Korea, she wrote an original musical drama, “Dreaming as You Are Young,” in which she was the main actress, composer and choreographer. Then she was invited to participate in large musical drama, “Rocking the Western Chamber,” serving as its art director and performing in Beijing Exhibition Center.


Crystal Chen, Music teacher, graduated in musicology from Northeast Normal University and in electronic music from China Conservartory of Music. During the postgraduate study, she was awarded the first-grade and special-grade academic scholarships, and practiced music arrangement and creation many times, for example, she was responsible for words writing, composing and music arrangement of the graduation song of Northwest Normal University, and the music arrangement of top songs in the “Royal Glory List of Dragons and Tigers”. She once learnt Orff Schulwerk from teacher Li Dana and achieved the “Orff Senior Teacher Qualification Certificate”. Beyond her profession, she is also keen on Rubik's Cube and programming. 


Pin Luo, a percussion teacher, a member of the China Marimba Association, a member of the China Percussion Association, a founder of Beijing Fengshang Drum Art Percussion Education Center, an artistic director of Beijing Fengshang Drumming Youth Percussion Orchestra, has engaged in youth percussion education for more than 10 years. He has rich teaching experience and has trained a large number of outstanding percussion art talents. The Beijing Youth Percussion Orchestra which he leads was awarded the first batch of five-star percussion orchestras in China. He has established many excellent associations for Beijing primary and secondary schools for many years. Since 2019, he works in  Tsinglan School Percussion Center.


Cici Chen, dance intern teacher, grew up in Xinjiang Urumiqi, graduated from Kansas University with a BA focused in modern dance, Ballet, Jazz etc.and she also is the membership of the university of company at Kansas university. She began her dance training at the age of four and got related professional training. She is currently teaching at the university of Kansas or other studios. She loves make the new friends, in the free times, Cici like stay with her cat and play computer games at home and fitness. 


Green Yang, music intern teacher, graduated from Hunan First Normal University, majoring in erhu, and China Conservatory of Music with a master's degree, with second-class scholarship and the 1st prize in the Hunan provincial SSandu competition. She has published articles in both national journals, Chinese writers and artists, and provincial journals, voice of Yellow River. At school, she worked as the editor of the national-level project "New China army stage art classics" by people's music publishing house and the compilation of "music teacher education center" by China Conservatory of Music. Holding "Orff senior teacher certificate", she has music intern teaching experience in No. 2 attached middle school of Beijing Normal University. She likes photography and video editing in her spare time.